Photo Letter: Five days of Winter in Queenstown

Over the mid-semester break, I finally got a chance to visit Queenstown. This was a much-needed escape from a very tough semester of uni and Queenstown was the perfect place to wind down and reconnect with nature.

Living in the city has its perks but there is just something about being in a place that is so natural and raw, which makes you feel alive all over again. Here is what happened!

View of Lake Wakatipu from Town

There are very few places where you will land at an airport with such grand and majestic views. This picture was taken from town of Lake Wakatipu which envelopes around all of Queenstown. So no matter where you stay, you are guaranteed to have this beautiful lakeside view. The best way to get around Queenstown is definitely to get yourself a rental car. They’re cheap and very easy to hire, with many car rental shops along the main street for you to pop into.

Hitting the slopes!

The Remarkables

As a winter holiday destination, Queenstown is fantastic. We spent three days on the mountain (not nearly enough!) at Coronet’s Peak and The Remarkables. If I were to recommend a mountain, I’d choose The Remarkables for three reasons:

  1. Wide runs
  2. Many intermediate runs
  3. An ice bar at the top of the mountain (with music and mulled wine, yes!)
The A Team

It was like a dream being so high up on the mountain! Although the skies were clear most of the time, the clouds did occasionally pass through making for cool photo opportunities 🙂

Coronet’s Peak: Such a beautiful and sunny day!

Winding down

I’m a moderately active person but even three days of skiing eventually caught up to me. I spent most nights after skiing foam rolling the heck out of my body (which helped a lot) but even then I needed further relief. The answer: Onsen Hot Pools.

Tip: It is so important to book this place (online) a couple of weeks in advance. They only have several pools and they disappear quickly!

Credit: Onsen Hot Pools

Glenorchy and the Lagoon Boardwalk 

After being brought back to life from my session at the Hot Pools, we were back into action. We drove down to Glenorchy, making many pit stops along the way just to admire the views of Lake Wakatipu. I tried to skip stones but I’m terrible at it 🙁

View of Lake Wakatipu from Glenorchy

We were in Glenorchy quite late in the afternoon but that meant we had the place mostly to ourselves. All you could hear was the sound of the wind and the birds that sometimes flew by. It would have been perfect to have a hot drink in my hand (it was cold standing by the water!) but Glenorchy is a very quiet, small town with not much else. Perhaps that is its charm 🙂

The famous Glenorchy Pier

We also did a short walk at the Lagoon Boardwalk in Glenorchy. As I was walking, I kept thinking of how lucky I was to be alive, to be travelling and experiencing all of this. I kept telling myself, yes this is what life is supposed to be like!  I hope to take my family here next time so that they can also share in on this feeling with me.

The Lagoon Boardwalk


All that laughing was more tiring than the walk itself!
The Lagoon: Some parts of it were actually frozen
Deep thoughts or “try to look candid”

The Fergburger Hype

Last time I checked, Fergburger was a 4.5/5 with 10,000~ reviews on Tripadvisor, so I had high hopes. Maybe its the cold weather or the fact that they are a total monopoly in Queenstown, but I was somewhat underwhelmed. It’s still a good burger, just not an OMG-type of burger for me. We only waited for about 15 minutes (at around 4:00 pm) but I hear that the lines can sometimes go on for over two hours! So pick your time to go wisely!

Next door to Fergburger is Fergbakery which sells pies and pastries. The pies are so good, especially the beef cheeks pie! I think I might have had a pie every single day that I was there… While you’re grabbing yourself a pie, don’t forget to also try out the Ferg Donut. Definitely one of the best donuts I’ve had! I love the light whipped cream filling inside the donut, and the fact that is not overly sweet.



So that sums up my winter break to Queenstown. It is certainly not my last and I hope to visit it next time in Summer!

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