Review: Hobonichi Techo Original 2017

Let me begin: the Hobonichi Techo is no ordinary planner. In fact, it is my favourite planner ever. Since purchasing my first Hobonichi in Kyoto, I have never looked back. This planner has helped me to document all my travels, ideas, day-to-day planning, journalling and even drawing.

 Why do I love it?
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Beautiful selection of cases (more than the Hobonichi Techo Cousin and Weeks)
  • Good amount of writing space: I don’t feel too pressured to fill an entire page and it is not difficult to fill up one either.
  • That amazing tomoe river paper ~ handles watercolours beautifully. I also love the way the paper crinkles once you use it.
I’ve also used the Hobonichi for bullet journalling and the boxes at the top work pretty well. I also like to use the time provided on the side to create a timeline of my day. I think it looks quite pretty! 🙂
What I don’t love about it:
  • This is being quite pendatic (but might matter to you if you are an avid weekly planner), but the Original does not contain a weekly section like the Cousin. Fear not, you can purchase an additional weekly insert like I have and problem solved! I actually sort of like having a separate weekly insert because it means that I can sometimes just carry the insert alone on days where I want to carry very little.
  • Writing space: Okay, I just said that writing space was sufficient above but sometimes it isn’t. You must remember, this is a small diary. If writing is your thing, then you will probably find that the Original will not offer the space you need to release all your thoughts and ideas.
I like to use the weekly insert to plan the hours in my day. I draw arrows to block out all the time that the activity I will be doing takes.

I hope you are inspired or convinced to try out the Hobonichi Techo for yourself. Speaking of inspiration, the Hobonichi community is full of creative inspiration. You will never be short on the ways you can use your planner and that is the beauty of the Hobonichi.



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  1. I concur! Until I bumped into the Hobo, it never occurred to me a planner could be both structured AND intensely flexible. I’m not a doodler, and loathed drawing repetitive spreads for my BuJo. I bounced from the A6 up to the A5 Cousin (Avec), needing that space you mentioned. Like you, I continue to enjoy “sloppy grin” planner/BuJo nirvana 🤗.

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